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DBGibson, post: 264067, member: 113740 wrote:
Rowan: Could you elaborate? What aspects of the site are a terrible design?

bb1: Elaborate on what you mean by trust factors? When you say lots of negativity, what do you mean?

There is no cohesion and the site has no theme that pulls things together and tells people what you do or who you are. The explosion images are just confusing – what do they mean. There is no reason for anyone to trust you or whatever it is you are selling, let alone click on any links as it just looks so spammy. Sorry but you really need to pay for an expert to redo your site.

By trust factors are things like pages that give people a sense of trust in you like about me page, shipping and return pages, FAQs etc. The blurb on your home page makes little sense and does nothing to explain your business.

There is no way I would consider even for a moment risking my money on such a website.