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Hi Chelle

Making the step to not only set up a new website but to completely re brand is not a simple task and you should be congratulated on making the leap

A lot of times people are aware that they need to change but are reluctant to make the move

And as I am sure you are aware website design can make or break a business, so I will give you feedback from my own experience dealing with clients in the exact same situation

Your Website Hosting

I see that you have created this website on Wix and there are pros and cons to hosting websites on cloud based development platforms

Some of the pros are ease of use and maintenance whilst some cons are the inability to scale, conduct advanced SEO as well as being at the mercy of the platform provider

I have previously written a detailed reply in this forum on the subject which you can view here

Your Page Copy

The page copy (what is written on your website) is the main vehicle for converting the lead into a sale

And the most important piece of real estate on your website is the section above the fold (what the user sees without having to scroll)

The copy needs to speak to your target customer, address the burning desire or pain point and instantly let them know they are in the right place to get what they want

Looking at your homepage, I am unfamiliar with your industry or target customer however my question is…

Does your ideal customer lay awake at night and say to themselves, I wish I could find someone who could “Help me navigate a path to wellness” ?

As business owners we understand our own industry intimately

In some ways this is a great advantage, other times it can be a total burden

Especially when it comes to writing copy

We understand what we are talking about but can a first time visitor to your website understand exactly what you do within 3 seconds?

And in that understanding does it address their pain point or burning desire?

For example on my website above the fold on the home page is:

“ We get you found online. Then we take those leads, turn them to sales and use advanced automation to keep them coming back for more”

So the person knows straight away if they are in the right place or not

As I said I don’t know your industry so what you have maybe 100% spot on, but for me I was unsure what you did from reading that

Font Size

Once you scroll down the homepage for me the font size was too small which made it hard to read

If a website is hard to read the user will click off


If you break your paragraphs up into 1 or 2 sentences, it makes it easier to read and it will flow nicely

One of the hardest things I had to learn in my copywriting certification was not to write copy that is grammatically correct

At school, sentence structure and correct grammar are hammered into us

But when you want to convert a visitor to a sale, the copy needs to be conversational with one or two sentences so that it flows nicely

They are the main points that I can offer, overall it is a quite clear and crisp website which is good


Hope this helps