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Lizzy C
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JacquiPryor, post: 264791, member: 20176 wrote:
Hi Lizzy.

I totally get this. My business is almost as old as yours, and I have content writers block too! There’s only so many FAQs you can turn into a post, and only so many things others might find ‘interesting’ to read.

I assume part of the reason you keep posting is for nice SEO juice and driving traffic so it needs to be relevant so it’s quality traffic. I like the idea of ‘behind the scenes’, and also something (if doable) about why having a professional shot done is good for business. Lots there (good content) about why to have a professional photographer; why you might need more than 1 picture; whether to have hair and make up done etc. I scrolled back to 2016 and didn’t see anything about why I should actually get a professional shot in terms of its usefulness for business if that makes sense. I think it’s also ok to kinda repeat previous content – or, more so, answer the same question with a new post/piece of content.

Could you also – if nothing else, to fill in some spots/keep it current and regular – do a something like a “my top 10 fav shoots of the year” or similar. Even some photo fails (yours or others that you’ve found funny, shocking etc)

My SEO guy is around here – if he reads my post he’s gonna tell me off for struggling to come up with content now I’ve said the above ;)

All the best :)

Thanks Jacqui, I hear you!! It’s so much easier to think up ideas for other businesses then your own. I’ve done a few of late on questions I always get asked/answers I find myself repeating. It hadn’t occurred to me to do one on why it’s important to do a professional photo shoot – I thought it was obvious (haha – it always seems obvious if it’s your industry!)

Also, love the fave shoots of the year idea too!

Thanks for taking the time to take a look and give me some ideas!! Will take them all on board and put in place.