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ShaneWalker, post: 265649, member: 114619 wrote:
Hi Mike,

Doing your own SEO can be a challenge for a lot of business owners

Unfortunately what makes the job even harder is that a lot of the information being regurgitated out there is either just plain wrong or is so outdated that it no longer works

Thanks to the Google Hummingbird Algorithm optimising a webpage for a single keyword is no longer relevant……

With the exception of e-commerce websites

This leaves you prone to the possibility of an over optimisation penalty from using your target keyword too many times

When it comes to conducting on page SEO for an e-commerce website, the following best practices will help optimise both your category and product pages and lower the risk of an over optimisation penalty

The Title Tags

You definitely want to have your target keyword in the title tag, but instead of having something generic like “Nike Running Shoes at Your Business Name” include words that your target customer would be looking for

So you could rewrite the title tag to be “Buy Nike Running Shoes Online at Your Business Name”

Some common terms used when searching are

  • Cheap
  • Deals
  • Review
  • Best
  • Online
  • Free Shipping

Your click through rate from the search engine results can also be increased by using words like

  • 25% off
  • Guarantee
  • Sale
  • Free shipping
  • Overnight shipping

Product Category Pages

When it comes to product category pages you need to have at least 1000 words on the page. Numerous studies are now showing that longer content ranks best in Google

This is because of the Google hummingbird algorithm. This algorithm is now smart enough that it can understand the topic of a page and where that topic fittings with all other topics and subtopics in the world

So it is no longer a case of showing Google the keyword enough times on a page so that it gets to understand that this is what the page is about

I understand that it might be impossible for you to write 1000 words for EVERY page on your site. If that’s the case, I recommend writing long, in-depth product descriptions for top 10-50 most important product and category pages

Keyword Density

That being said, it is still a good idea to have your keyword used 3 to 5 times within that thousand words

One thing that gives our optimisation a huge boost is the use of LSI keywords. These are key words that are similar in meaning but not the same so that you do not appear to be keyword stuffing

For instance in the case of running shoes, you also use

  • Jogging Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Training shoes

The hummingbird algorithm is smart enough to know that these are all the same thing, yet you are not keyword stuffing your pages


We use the tool LSI Graph for this

Your URL Structure

E-commerce websites tend to have longer URL structures than most websites, this is because they generally have categories and subcategories in the url

Where practical you should have your URL as short as possible and have the key word you wish to rank for waited to the front of the url string

Add Schema Markup

Nowadays any website that’s not using schema markup is running at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to SEO

Schema is a piece of code that goes on each page that essentially tells the search engines whether the page is about an article, product, service, news item etc


If your e-commerce website is based on WordPress, you can use the Rank Math SEO plugin which has an excellent schema capability

If you are not on WordPress you can use the schema markup generator

In conclusion as you correctly stated in your post it is harder for an e-commerce website to keep the keyword density down and in turn avoid the possibility of an over optimisation penalty

However by adding as much content as you can and making use of LSI keywords you can greatly minimise the chance

Hope this helps


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