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@John Thanks for the input, I agree with most of what you said

With the URL’s you are correct and my explanation was more intended to discourage massively long URL strings as can be churned out by CMS such as WordPress when permalink structures are not set up correctly

I think the whole LSI thing has been taken out of context. My interpretation of the actual question asked in this thread was that there was a concern of using the keyword too many times on a page (which inferred concern of an over optimisation penalty)

If that is the case one of the best ways to get round that to me would certainly be the use of LSI keywords

I totally respect your comment that your decisions, like mine are based on experience and not testing or reading online

Just because someone wrote it somewhere does not necessarily make it true

You need to find out for yourself and not just follow a path because someone else said

If we all did that the world would still be flat

Warning – Potential Rant :)

This is not aimed at anyone in particular

It is my belief that as professionals in this area of expertise we need to be careful when answering in forums like this

This is a small business forum and not an technical SEO forum

There is a vast difference in knowledge and understanding between those at the cutting edge and someone just starting out with a business and trying to take it online

Quite often we can be too quick to jump in with highly technical answers or rebuttals of what someone else has posted when the level of understanding of the person asking the question may be that they just need a general general explanation to start them heading in the right direction

I know from my past life when I joined the military basic training was exactly that, Basic. Then later on after being in a Battalion I undertook Commando selection and stepped up into an even bigger world before moving on to the Intelligence community

But if someone would have tried to explain special forces tactics and procedures or strategic level warfare analysis to me at basic training, it would not have helped because I didn’t have the foundations or direction to either comprehend or put it into practice

So the majority of my answers given here will be geared to giving an understanding that the vast majority of people can get something out of

Well thats just my 2 cents worth anyway