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And one of their ‘businesses’ (well, business names at least) is Wikileaks (registered October 2018). And, yes, a ‘collection’ of businesses – some seem to be as a reseller of domains, some provide ‘auction’ type reselling services. So, clearly any of the suggested changes in the vote .com .au site/petition could really affect them – certainly more so than those of us that might have several domains registered for our business/es as ‘cheap insurance’ and clearly and legitimately meet the current auDA policies for registration in the .au space.

I did not receive the email Kathie, no – however, I actually do think it’s ‘legit’ in the sense that an organisation is petitioning to stop certain changes that would (seemingly) impact their businesses somewhat if those changes are allowed.

I certainly agree with Greg’s comments above on the wider topic of this thread.

If there are ties with the US, where the .com is more prevalent but not bound by as strict a registration rules as our .com.au, then it probably seems odd to them that we’d want to try and prevent certain monetising activities and similar of our domain names. However, I am not against it in a general/broad sense. I often have clients who own trade marks (including in the US), who cannot get their hands on a .com domain that matches up (even when it’s parked or seemingly registered purely for resell) without the registrant demanding huge amounts of money. It’s a personal view, naturally impacted by my profession, but I don’t really agree that should be deemed ok. Surely the overriding purpose of a domain name registration is to allow a business operator (or operator of a legitimate site/blog etc) to get visitors to the site rather than trying to capitilise by encouraging big $$$ to be paid by the ‘legitimate’ business owner/brand owner?

Sorry, end mini rant. Ultimately, I don’t think the proposed changes are designed nor likely to affect the legitimate, typical business owner. The petition seems ‘legitimate’ given the facts found on the entity behind it but whether you choose to vote ‘against’ those changes, I don’t think they’re changes likely to impact you or your clients Kathie based on initial review.