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JacquiPryor, post: 265084, member: 20176 wrote:
Hi Greg

Yes, the registration process itself is really simple, but, nonetheless your registration is basically your confirmation that the registrant meets that eligibility criteria for .au domains. It’s unlikely to blow up in your face to be honest as that would typically happen if someone else complained to auDA – and as noted in my last post, sometimes that’s easily fixed.

I know it from that other side – e.g. filing the complaint on behalf of a client because someone has registered a domain that matches their registered trade mark. As a first step, before engaging in costly domain dispute processes, we’d look at the registrant and if they meet the eligibility criteria and if not try the complaint with auDA as a first step to get the domain released.

If you’d like to send me a PM with a few of your domain names I’d be happy to check that side out further for you.

The policy states:

. Domain names in the com.au 2LD must be:

a) an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant’s name or trademark; or

b) otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant, in accordance with the categories of “close and substantial connection” set out in the Guidelines on the Interpretation of Policy Rules for the Open 2LDs.

So, sometimes it’s not necessary to have the business name/trade mark etc – but, the domain might otherwise be connected to the registrant.

As to the other matter in your post – oh dear! A good lesson for any/all of us really! Sounds like an ‘interesting’ experience.

Thanks for the info and the offer.

Yes, it was an “interesting” experience, makes a great after dinner story with a glass of red but it was a bit of a challenge at the time.

Long story short, the clients website (everything in my name, ha ha) was the primary prosecution evidence. Luckily they accepted I had no real connection to the business…but called me as a witness against my own client…over 40 minutes in the box being hammered by the prosecution barrister and my client defended himself. Client got a slap on the wrist in the magistrates court, but got his hackles up and took it to appeal in the county court where he was facing close to 40K in costs if he lost. He defended himself against a well credentialed barrister and I was still a primary prosecution witness. This time he actually won it…who says there’s no justice for the little guy :)

He’s still a client (and a friend) but I’m a lot more careful about where my name appears.