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Good morning,
its really important to have a clear strategy on how you will manage your debtors… far too many businesses do not have a credit policy – it doesn’t need to be a huge document, but sit down and think about what you expect from your debtors… do you ask them to sign terms and conditions that will protect you from a debt collection perspective?, do you assign a credit limit that they must trade within? when do you stop work/supply for non payment? If they have a claim or dispute – how will you handle that? When will you send a reminder (would recommend a day or two before it is due) and then when do you follow up on over due accounts? (would recommend 2 days past due). When will you go legal? Or for what $ figure would you go the default process?

If you have a clear understanding on what your requirements are, you will not be caught out by a debtor asking for you to continue work/supply when they are 6 weeks overdue for example, you may have already decided that you wont continue once they are 2 weeks past due, and can blame company policy for not incurring more debt from a non payer… you wont hang up the phone wishing you had said something different as you have already decided on your course of action.

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