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bb1, post: 265276, member: 53375 wrote:
This confuses me, how can they build up a market with no product, what are they offering potential social followers all they have is an empty shell, I must be missing something here. I guess it is Friday
I didn’t say build a market, I said build a following and email list that is in the manufacturer’s market – big difference. Oh [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER]! Of course you can build a following and email list without a product, startups, influencers, ordinary people do it all the time.

We had someone here the other day who has 800 followers on an instagram account and wanted to move them to a business account she was setting up. Why did those 800 people follow her non-business account? She’s wasn’t selling anything, no special offers, they just liked what she posted. The offering for the followers is the content you post, the community you build.

There are some great free online courses you can do on how social media works. They’ll take you through the basics so you can understand. Happy to recommend some.