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When someone tries to sell me something from an anonymous website I try to find something out about them your about us page tells me nothing about you, it’s just a sales pitch of your product.

Ok, so you have at least given me a phone number, one little trust item, but when I ring it, I get the default, please leave a 10 second message which we will convert to text. Not a hi, my name is Fred bear I will get back to you shortly. All trust gone again. It’s little things like that which help build up trust with a potential buyer

You want me to spend a couple of hundred dollars, but you give me no confidence.

The website is bland, and doesnt give me a compelling reason to think I must have one of these watches.

I think the approach of buy from me because I donate to some charity is discredited, most people I know avoid any business’s that make these claims. I have personally rung some charities, where business’s claim to donate to , and they have never heard of them. Not saying you don’t but it comes down to trust (that word again)

We are all onto the fact that although you claim to donate $5.00 you are really only donating $3.52, as you get the rest back as a tax deduction, and as such you are not as good as you appear. Plus of course I give you that $5 in the first place, maybe I would prefer to get a cheaper watch, and donate my own $3.52.

Also I like to choose who I donate to, not be forced to donate to some charity that you think is worthwhile, don’t get me wrong this is a generic comment, not anything about your chosen charity as I think it’s worthwhile. Just saying don’t jump on a band wagon which has left.