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I think you’ve nailed the features that matter. I like the way some manufacturers break them into categories like: case (diameter, material, height, lug width [will it fit my exisiting nato strap collection?], water resistance); movement; crystal; strap/bracelet (materials and width). I think it makes it easier to take in the information.

If I had to knit pick, I’d change 3ATM to 30m for the WR, most people don’t know what an ATM or Bar is. And a close up photo of the dial, I had a look at a couple of models and couldn’t see one.

With your give time (I really like the layout of this page, I think it would work for your products as well), I wan’t aware that businesses donations were a contentious issue as raised earlier. Do your charities have a list of corporate donors you could be added to and then link too? This could overcome those concerns some people have? If they don’t you could suggest it to them, it could be a way to encourage more donors.