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Spiffy Brian
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Another thing I forgot to mention is that you miss out on a lot of essential features with Shopify, as it’s not built to support Australian-based merchants.

We build in a lot of local support into Spiffy Stores, and we’ve been doing it for so long now, that I sometimes forget some of the stuff that we have.

Here’s an important one. We have support for credit card surcharge fees built into the system. This means that when you add your credit card payment gateway, you choose what cards you support and what the surcharge rate is for each card.

When the customer chooses to pay by credit card in the checkout, they are shown the various surcharges, and then the extra amount is automatically added to the order.

This is really important for businesses operating on low margins. It allows you to offset the costs of credit card support directly without having to increase your prices generally. So you can now advertise a slightly lower price for your goods, which then gives you a better competitive position.

You don’t have this option using Shopify.