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John Debrincat
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Tracypat, post: 265218, member: 114516 wrote:

I am thinking of starting a craft supply business online.

I don’t have a website yet as have just been selling stuff on eBay and marketplace.

I have contacted a wholesaler with very low minimum order requirements but to open an account I need a physical shop or website.

Anybody know a way around this as I obviously don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a website just to check out their wholesale pricing as I’m in the planning stages.

Thanks for any help.
Oops, I misread your post as wanting to sell wholesale, apologies. Same answer applies really. If you want something really fast then use our free online store package – https://www.ecorner.com.au/free. There are limitations to what you can do and the number of products but it will get you started and give you more time to look at options. Hopefully you will stick with eCorner and not have to go to one of the offshore companies that charges in US$ and takes a cut on your sales.