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LucasArthur, post: 265288, member: 34537 wrote:
Ok, now i am with [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] .. This forum is generally for people in business, not studying business.. i was on the fence about your previous posts and the intent behind them.. thinking that maybe you are researching, as you indicated or was ready to start a business.. The vagueness around not wanting to share your idea seemed legit.. BUT… your posts are tactically from such a varied background, industry, skill set and so forth and the questions you pose always have ‘please give reason for answer’ is really starting to sound like you are a student and want us to complete your assignment..

Again, i apologise if i am wrong.. although the people is this forum come to help genuine operators, those that are wanting to start a business and gain support… Most already know the nuts and bolts of business (not want to be fed the most basic of questions) and to have a post like this, or what appears to be a student posting to illicit study materials takes away from those ACTUALLY needing some guidance and assistance..

Truly, admin, not sure about this one.. sorry i was going to reply to another they posted yesterday i think but gave the benefit of the doubt.. Is it that time of the year when papers are due?

Cheers and apologies one and all for addressing this in this manner…. its just hard to visit this forum in order to offer help, real help, and read something like this.. with no real input on who the OP is, what they want to achieve etc etc… Whilst we are at it though, anyone got the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow night?

Lucas, always interesting isn’t it, when we get the Dorothy dix question, and yes it is submission time for assignments at some establishments, I know both my son and daughter have some due.

Like you say we don’t mind helping out legitimate small business’s even with some of the most basic questions that come on here, we all started sometime and with different levels of knowledge. I remember some of the dumb questions I had to ask my accountant when I started, and I came from a management background.

I think we would (well I would), even happily help out with answering students to complete assignment’s,

Firstly if they were upfront about it, just tell us and I will happily share, but if it’s veiled in some kind of obscure business sense with no real context as to why you are asking well it deserves scorn

And secondly if I can see they have at least made a realistic effort to answer the question themselves, I am more then happy to add additional information. But when the question is something like ”what is a procurement department” and ”what to they do”, well then its obvious that either they have made no effort to do their homework, even Doctor Google can answer that question for them. It just shows pure laziness in my opinion.

Hey it’s raining here, finally may get some growth.