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bwcleansydney, post: 265290, member: 114535 wrote:
Hi, I’m new here,

Long story short, I started my own cleaning business as a sole trader at the end of last year, i’m based in Sydney.
Until now, it has been 5 months, and it’s still difficult to get customers to full up the week.
I’m doing it with my partner, averagely having about 10 bookings per week which is barely enough for us to live but far from a “profitable business”,

I’m posting ads on websites like gumtree but end up only getting some scam calls, I’ve also used platform like air tasker, it brings me some cutomers but not the type of regular clients we are looking for,

I saved a bit of money to invest on some promotion campaigns. But what would be the best option?

I hope if someone here can share your own experiences like google ad or something like service seeking, hipages work?
Or more traditional way like printing flyers?

Thank you very much for sharing you experiences and that really helps.

I think [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] summed it up pretty well for a small service business.

Nothing beats word of mouth referrals. It can be slow to build good customers but if you deliver great service at a reasonable price they will come (and stay).

While I think a simple web page can help with credibility (a bit about you and that you’re here to stay), professionalism and easy to find contact details. I think the web is a hard boat to row unless you’re looking to scale up and prepared commit the time and capital to make it work.

I’ve also had success with well targeted flyers (cheap and nasty with just enough info seemed to work), especially as a way to keep potential customer leads in a tight geographical area…a real killer for service businesses is lost time travelling between jobs, especially something like cleaning where price point is often very competitive.

Like Bert I found local newspapers a waste of time…but that may be just the sector I was working in at the time (building maintenance).

Good luck with the venture.