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chelleandmickfish, post: 265334, member: 98843 wrote:
Hello fellow soloists
I am looking to set up an online course – I have a limited starting out budget – and am looking for recommendations on which program to use. (e.g. Thinkific – but the costs are too much for me at the moment)

Hi Chelle,

You have a few choices, you can either go with a hosted platform or Marketplace like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific etc or go down the path of a WordPress Site with plugins. Both of these options are great, just depends on your budget and time requirements.

IF, you need to get it up live quickly then a platforms is the way to go and you focus on your marketing.

IF, you have a little more time and less budget, then a WordPress Site with a course plugin and PayPal is a good option.

The link below lists most of the main one.


One of my friends uses Teachable and loves it. This allows her to focus on her marketing and course development.