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Oops I think I fall in what you consider the typical business background, having come from IT, consulting, management and a corporate background. But having said that I think it’s those area’s that a lot of people just get sick of and decide to head out and do their own thing. Personally I don’t see any of them a pre requisite, and definite you should let the fact you come from another background stop you.

To answer your question in regards to training, my theory has always being in business or in my previous life, if you go to some training and you only pickup 1 new thing, it was worth it, I’m not saying go and enroll in 50 different courses, but would definitely say go and do some short courses, and even seminars (don’t get sucked in and commit to buy), knowledge never hurt anyone.

I think I’d feel a bit conscious of the fact that I don’t even have an idea yet and the other people in the seminar are probably up and running!

I’ll have to make a mad run for the door if they go around the circle and ask everyone to introduce themselves and what they’re doing!