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Lucy Kippist
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Vivienne, post: 265335, member: 58383 wrote:
Hi everyone,
I haven’t been on this forum for a while but I’ve returned as I’ve got a question I’d like to ask.

I’ve noticed that many people (obviously not all) that are starting a business have come from a corporate background or one in marketing, consulting, IT etc.
I’m in none of those areas. I’m in healthcare and I’ve been thinking about starting a very small business for ages now.
My main barrier is finding an idea as well as self limiting thoughts that keep popping in my head. I’m not even slightly interested in starting up anything to do with healthcare.

I see a lot of business groups on Facebook that seem to be made up of the type of people that I mentioned above.

In my reading I’ve noticed some opinions that most business fail and the ones that don’t fail will take forever to get off the ground.
Then I’ll also read about mums that started up their own businesses from home with almost nothing and have become a great success.

I’m wondering if I’ll benefit from any short courses or seminars at this very early stage when I don’t even have an idea and when most of the people doing these things come from a completely different field to mine.
I find all the information out there so overwhelming that it just stops me from going further.

Would be interested in your thoughts.

Hi Vivienne,
I got Robert to answer your question directly on video today, I thought it was a really good one. Hope it helps!