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Lucy Kippist
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Mischelle, post: 265499, member: 60404 wrote:
Paul you are a champ, very much like Bert (even though Bert is a wee bit less subtle, but like him for that LOL)

I 100% understand people will focus on the areas they like.

I should be clearer in stating I am wanting her to do more marketing, with some sales, but I am the person who does the majority sales side, trying to get meetings etc, which I am good at and actually enjoy, I just get bogged down in the marketing side “marketing collateral etc”

I love this ” “I will be successful in my role when….””

I am going to use that, we have a staff meeting next week so I will carve out some time with each of my staff separately and ask them all this question, even me.

My answer will be “I will be successful in my role when I learn to delegate without conditions”

Thanks for starting this thread Mischelle, SUCH interesting reading. I also like the statement/question above about success, I am also going to use it! What a great way to keep the important things front of mind. Best of luck with your decision. And taking a day off to download in the middle of all the overwhelm is such a great idea. It always surprises me how much I am able to solve/think with more clarity about, after a mind rest :)