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Everyone’s welcome. We really should try a do a meet up at some point in time, it would be amazing. I have spoken to a few people on these boards and only met one person face to face, even after all these years.

[USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] I get to see many places, but mostly the inside of airports and offices LOL, but sometimes I do get the weekends to have little adventures, except in PNG, I don’t really go anywhere in PNG other than the office and my sleeping quarters.

India is one of my favourites, it’s truly a unique place, lively, loud, busy and bright, but so so so HOT this time of year. (I go to the south east side for clients).

I forgot to add Dubai to the list, I will be going there directly from India, now that is an amazing place. :):)

And then I come home and sleep for a few days from exhaustion LOL