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I agree with [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] and [USER=112020]@RunicConvenience[/USER] regarding incomplete projects. We all have unfinished projects, they’re a form of personal/professional development, but they add little value to most client discussions. Sure if your discussions steer in a direction that’s related to one you can bring it up “I’m working on a fun little project that is related …”.

It’s helpful to be solution and customer focused in the way you speak. Let’s look at your notable skills. I have a digital background so I can see they are good to have. But have you ever see that glazed over look in most peoples’ eyes when you talk about tech skills and stacks? That’s a lack of interest.

Most small businesses (and people in general) are busy with their own lives, they don’t want to read or listen to a bunch of gobbledygook and have to process it and work how how it benefits them – they definitely don’t want to be educated on why the boring thing you just told them is important (I know, my tells me all the time). They just want to be told how you can help them. Unless you want a job as a code monkey, you need to be able to sell yourself as a solution. It shows that you understand the client and their problem and that you can use your skillset as appropriate to help them. These are all soft skills that come with experience – hence my original advice to get a job, learn them on someone else’s dollar.

Having said all that, it looks like you have some impressive projects under your belt, why don’t you build on them? Whatever you built for the universities or startups, do similar problems exist in other industries that you could apply a similarly structured solution too?