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Thanks Rowan,

Well, my ideal job for my current circumstance is a mindless one :) Quite fancy the idea of typing things into the computer all day. I have looked a little bit into medical transcription however I am not sure I should believe what the companies selling that stuff tell me.

Seems to me that any unskilled labour I can think of, can be done by someone in a lower waged country. Which is unfortunate, because that’s what I really want…I’d be happy to be corrected if that wasn’t the case tho…

I do have certain skills. I am a software engineer by trade with my bits of paper and all that jazz…. Doing that remotely is not something that is typically a good idea….at least not for green or small clients, and not for anywhere that’s easy to get work……and certainly not with young children (which is my main sticking point…it becomes a 50+ hours per week kinda job)…

But basically. I want to work from home for someone else, I prefer unskilled labour. Anything on a computer tho. I can do :)

Thank you kindly for any ideas