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Jeff999, post: 268977, member: 76324 wrote:
I know this is an old post but I’d like to give my 2 cents here for anyone else. I have personally used EstimateOne, BCI and Cordell connect with a current BCI subscription for another 6 months. It really depends on your company does, it’s size and the industry. I’ll give you my brief opinion on all 3 I mentioned.

EstimateOne has a free and paid version. Paid allows to view tenders that companies have uploaded to the website with values over $10 million. Anything less is free to view for anyone. This is the cheapest by far of all of the 3 but I found that is has little to no civil type projects with the majority being fitout and refurbs. You can view the plans on the job to see what you can offer and if the job is even worth looking at. It’s worth just using this for free and I wouldn’t advise paying for it.

Corrdell and BCI are very similar and both very expensive. You will basically get access to a large database of projects in all phases of construction, design, DA, tender, pre-construction and construction. Each job will tell you who’s the builder, architect, engineer, contractors etc.. You can also download a full database each company on their website with their contact emails. For some jobs they upload the plans but the VAST majority don’t have any plans uploaded and this is the biggest negative to this service. One thing to note is that all jobs on these websites were not uploaded by the company but just added by Corrdell or BCI which means you are basically having to cold call whoever you find on there and try to get them to listen to you. They don’t always want a price from you unlike Estimateone where they are looking for prices. I personally prefer using BCI since I found jobs are updated more often and you have access to more plans on jobs.

It’s a tough question to answer but I hope this helps.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the comprehensive analysis in relation to the tender websites, as I am looking for the same resource at the moment as well.

Your expert comments lead me to think that you are a construction professional, or have vast experience and knowledge in the tender processes?

I am a disability access consultant and often get invited by project managers, clients, developers and architects to tender commercial projects as a team. There are times that a tender may be posted and requested for access (DDA) consultants alone, but it is rare. I am wondering if you may have some insightful information in relation to tenders in my profession?

Your help is very much appreciated,

Amoeba Access Consulting