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LucasArthur, post: 265807, member: 34537 wrote:
Just like to add for the OP’s perspective, any of these products are not licensed out of China and can cause you much grief if you pursue them.. Furthermore, the latter (being cooling rocks etc) can also be full of grief if your insurances are not up to speed.

Op, on this, may i ask how far along are you on your planning and reasoning for pursuing these products? also how will you sell (just online)? are you planning on insuring? are you aware that importing directly from OS levies the burden of insurance on you as the importer?

Just some thoughts.

Hi There.

Thanks for replying. I’m only in the beginning stages. I’m hoping to not have to do much importing and source products locally. That said, I wasn’t aware of import insurance. What sort of insurance is that? Have you got any links you can share for more info?

And yeah, I’m looking at official licensed products, I want to avoid products that feel cheap or are using a brand illegally.