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LarissaPopowski, post: 265942, member: 111838 wrote:
Local SEO techniques can certainly help. Do your chosen keywords have high volume from AU? How competitive are your keywords? If they are very competitive and your domain authority isn’t high, I suggest coming up with some longer tail keyword phrases. And yes, writing content for the longer tail keyword phrases (that have sufficient search volume from AU) will certainly help. It’s also worth thinking about how you’ll amplify/promote any content that you create e.g. promote via social media and forums etc which will help drive relevant traffic to your site.
Yes, mine is a pretty competitive keyword and I can’t change it. Because my client is stick to it. For your consideration, the main keyword is ‘3D Rendering Services’ and it has a 90/month visitor estimate. Currently my website is ranked on no. 12 position in Google AU. I need to bring it to the first page of Google AU as well as I need to bring AU traffic towards the website. Tough job to do actually!