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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi amao,

The number 1 ranked site for any Google search gets 30% of the “clicks” (through to a website from a Google search).

Therefore, the aim of SEO is to rank as high as possible so that you get more people to your site and if those people like your offering, will make enquiries or buy from you.

Google looks for signals that websites are relevant to what people are searching for. Using Local SEO tactics provides many of the signals Google looks for, therefore if implemented correctly, your ranking can improve over time. And yes, it can take time.

The length of time depends on an number of factors but one of the big ones is the competitiveness of the keyword. For example, “disablity access” will take longer than “disablity access Sydney” because far less people search in Sydney, than in all of Australia. Equally, all things being equal, “disablity access Green Valley” will take less time to rank for than “disablity access Sydney” for the same reasons.

This guide is worth looking at but is not the only source of relevant info.


You could have a look at my site, noting the Headlines on each page.

Note that a page title and a headline are different.

H1 is much stronger than H4.