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0813studio, post: 266034, member: 111104 wrote:
Hello Karl. I think it depends on your expectation of your website. These days it is indeed all about GOOGLE RANKING. If it is only used as an online gallery that you don’t expect top 10 ranking on Google and you will drive traffic by doing other marketing promo like hard calling, brochure delivery, other social media marketing…etc., then I would say DIY would be ok.

If you expect your website to rank top 10 organically on google and the website is your main one and only marketing tool, then probably it might be a wise idea to engage someone professional to do your website. This will help your SEO ranking on google with the right set-up backstage, quality back-links, focused keywords, …to name a few.
There’s definitely a lot of chat about SEO/M on this forum. Thanks for the advice, still figuring out what other channels I may use.