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Hi [USER=54900]@jackmate[/USER] – I’ve just stumbled on to this question..

Double check if AU trademark will be accepted for brand registry listing with Amazon.com (versus amazon.com.au).

As Rowan mentioned it takes a while to register… in Australia it is a minimum 7.5 months all going smoothly – although, we’re seeing some delays at the moment with applications not examined for at least 6 months, which pushes out the total time frames. USA is similar time frames (usually around 8-10 months all going smoothly). If you encounter objections, it can be longer as you seek to overcome those objections. My understanding is Amazon brand registry requires fully registered marks for listing?

The $250 Rowan mentioned is assuming a single class of goods or services, and a standard application (the Trademarks Office offers a pre-filing assessment of your trademark for quickest answer as to whether they will likely approve the trademark.. that cost is $330 per class rather than $250).

Whilst the form itself is straightforward, if you plan to DIY make sure you research and understand things like proper ownership of a trademark (as this needs to be correct at the time of filing) and understand the rights you will achieve in the trademark by filing for the goods/services you select etc.