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U Australia, post: 265911, member: 112059 wrote:
Agreed, it’s all about what you want. No matter what you use (We use Joomla), please make sure you build it so it’s accessible for blind and vision impaired users. services like Wick and such are generally not accessible – i know becuase i’m legally blind. I also develop small sites for our NFC customers.

If you need your site checked for accessibility simply reach out and i’ll give it a quick look.

Note – no decent developer would charge extra for accessibility, it is standard practice for anyone who knows what they are doing.

03 9088 3101

Thanks for the reminder. I’m sure accessibility is something a lot of people fail to consider, probably due to the lack of information provided by the Squarespaces etc. Definitely something I’ll keep in mind and will reach out if I need some help. Enjoy your day.