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Paul – FS Concierge
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Remember when The Beatles wore their hair to their shoulders?

It was outrageous at the time. Now it is normal.

It sounds like your team have a “new normal” around working from home and the new normal is getting broader and broader as time goes on.

In these situations, I find it can be a good idea to go back to the roots of a policy and maybe add some branches. This can be done by management only or can include some team representatives but either way, there are elements of change that you will have to manage – eg, an email outlining changes is too passive to bring about positive change.

I feel it important to go back to the beginning and work out why you would offer this policy in the first place, what your business would hope to get from it and what your workers would get from it.

Then look at where it is easy to do eg, Sales Rep and where it does not make sense eg, Receptionist.

Then look at KPI’s and how they can be monitored (or if they can be monitored when people work from home).

Perhaps, finally, consider a daily/weekly/monthly cap for individuals and/or teams.

There are a million different approaches you could have eg, if sales targets are met, the policy stays intact. If sales targets are not met, it goes on to the shelf while targets continue not to be met.

The point is, you are both the Leader and the Manager – you need to have a Vision of Where the business is going and How it is going to get there and all of these policies have to be a good fit for both.

And you need to be comfortable that accountability, responsibility and productivity remain high no matter where on the dartboard your policy lands.

Come back to the thread with more observations/questions as they come to mind.

Good luck.