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James Millar
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My reasoning for suggesting cancellation of the current arrangements (for all) and a reboot with a new scheme is purely to bring structure and rules. Access can be prioritised to the eligible employees so that they are not punished. At the moment it seems like a bit of a free for all relying on employees to figure out what is best and where the boundaries are (there are none here). I think WFH arrangements require robust guidelines for the benefit of everyone. If nothing else it will also mitigate unfair dismissal issues in the event that someone abuses it. If the policy is …do what you think is right then you will get people saying…it’s windy I’m not coming in. The employee clearly thought it was ok and you empowered him / her to make that decision because there was no rule to follow or to break.

We have a great team and many of them participate in policy creation and decision making. Once we create a robust policy everyone is expected to buy in and stick to it.

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