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Hi Cyber Guy,

Apologies if the above has already been said as I have not read the whole thread. At my company (that I work for) we have flexible working and it has a great update. From reading your post our flexible working operates differently.

The ‘flexible’ part is a pre-agreed condition between employer and employee rather than just a blanket ‘flexible-ness’ that would allow employees to choose on a daily basis. From reading your post unfortunately your employees are seeing it as an opportunity to take the micky.

An example is my own arrangement, I take my child to swimming lessons during the day on a Wednesday, however I make up those hours by starting earlier during the week days. Suits my needs and my employers.

The motto of all of the flexible working arrangements is that it need to be a benefit to the employee however the employer or the team can not be worse off. If for example I have an important team meeting on my flexitime, it would generally be expected that I attend if the team cant work around my existing arrangement.

Employees can formally apply or can be an agreement in principal with the line manager.

Hope this helps.