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Paul – FS Concierge
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[USER=114899]@supremesupports[/USER] – I think there are some very good things about your site but for almost every good thing I see, I also see something that doesn’t work.

Here is an example:

I was very pleased to see a case study section on the site and some of the way the case study was written was very good – especially the results the business achieved.

But when I went to the site, the site literally didn’t work – it was very slow loading and when I clicked on a brand name eg, Dulux, the site froze and an unresponsive message came up.

I snapped a pic for you:

I believe that you need a marketing and possibly copywriting expert to work with you to bring everything together on the site so that it is a showcase for potential customers to gain confidence in your services.

Every part of the site needs to build confidence in you amongst potential buyers but equally people have short attention spans so that confidence can easily be un-done and that will kill any prospect of a sale.

At the same time, for big ticket purchases such as you are selling, you website should be a small part of the sales process so if you expect it to do more for you than is the industry norm, you will have to also look at your overall sales strategy.

Good luck.