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HotchilliOnline, post: 266122, member: 77952 wrote:

I have a weird question and am looking to message someone who:

– banks with NAB (and has a Business Account)
– uses an online accounting app from Zoho Books, Wave or another that uses Yodlee to retrieve transactions (many do not just Zoho and Wave)

Basically, my NAB transactions take up to 3-4 business days to come in (Yodlee say they are `pending’ so they don’t import then until they are final).

– It only happens with my NAB Business account (my NAB Payment Card and personal account come in the day after as usual).
– It only happens with NAB (Bendigo Bank comes in as normal)

– NAB says that it’s not them, Yodlee says they only bring in what the NAB is showing.

I know that Yodlee is connecting as the balance in Zoho/Wave changes but the transactions don’t come in (for 3-4 business days).

I want to message or see if anyone else has this issue?


Hi Ernie,

This is happening to me also. I’ve only just joined Zoho and thought it was a little weird. Did you resolve this by any chance?