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Hi Josh:

No, not really; although I have stuck with Zoho Books and kinda moved banks as I liked Zoho Books more than this weird anomaly.

I asked several times over the years and was told the last time that it is because it waits until the bank marks the transaction as `completed’ before they bring it in. Even though to us it is completed (and it shows that way on internet banking to us) nab doesn’t mark it as such (or do something) for about 5 days (???) – I don’t know how true that is, but I know it did happen on several accounting packages including Wave (until they told overseas customers they didn’t want them anymore). Since then I have used Zoho and used CommBank as my main bank for customer payments (eg: that I need to know they come in that day etc)

It also ONLY happened with nab accounts. So it is something to do with how nab transactions are showing to the feed.

I have also tried to explain to nab but I don’t have enough clout to get past or explain it further than the person who answers the phone.

SO, no. I moved to the Commbank as they had a no fee business cheque account and transactions come in like they should – so who knows.

Sorry there wasn’t a more poitive answer!