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Felicity Metcalf
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Hi Ben,
It can be difficult comparing forwarder quotes, they never use the same terminology!
You can do FOB as 2 separate shipments, just not as one.
The difference between FOB and ex works is that FOB supplier is responsible for all costs in China, trucking, local export charges etc, then you just pay the import freight, local clearance in Aus, customs clearance, duty and delivery.
Exworks you are responsible for all costs from your suppliers door so you pay trucking and export clearance in China as well as the import freight and import costs you need to pay with fob terms. You still won’t be able to consolidate into one shipment unless one of your suppliers agrees to act as the export agent for the others goods..
For a one off small shipment it’s difficult to get good rates from forwarders, they aren’t very competitive for small business.
Happy to chat further if you’d like? I’m also based in Melbourne