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LukeHally, post: 266217, member: 68089 wrote:
I can’t say I know much about retail. I can see challenges in both. Online- how do people know it will fit and that they can trust your return policy? Physical store – as you said, a big investment in store setup and rent.

I wonder if a pop up store would work well to build customer rapport, at least in a specific location?

I do have a reasonably strong background in retail myself. I notice your background is web development (I almost got into that a while back.)

To answer your question though, The products from my store are individually hand crafted to customer specifications. They provide the measurements and anything else they need and my wholesaler does the rest.

If something does not fit as it should, my wholesaler has assured me that returns for alterations are free of cost. If he goes back on his word, I will eat the cost myself and then find a new wholesaler. I am hoping that won’t be the case though.