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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 266239, member: 28171 wrote:
Well, I am in the final stages of closing up my market garden/seed selling business due to a number of factors. It has been rewarding and stressful and I have learned a lot on the way. I just have my infrastructure to sell and I can walk away.

Now I am starting up my new business – printing personalised gifts, clothing and promotional/fundraising items. This is a business I did on a small scale as a hobby many years ago so I am familiar with and experienced in it, so am pretty confident in my ability to grow the business even with quite a bit of competition. Opening next month.
Just waiting for some printing equipment to arrive and I am nearly ready to go.

I suppose that with a new set of business skills I will be able to help a few more people on here and I am looking forward to a new chapter, both in my business life and as a member of this forum.

This post is just an update if anyone is interested in my life, lol.

Sorry to hear you’re shutting up shop. I find it’s a mixed bag of relief and grief when you shut something down.

Good luck with the new venture!