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johnnycashflow, post: 266470, member: 79207 wrote:
hi folks,

so ive been toying with a few app ideas, not being technical whatsoever

ive contacted a company, whom I told them of my idea after signing an NDA,
and they said the idea is good (not surprising since I assume they would say that to get the business)

and obviously its not a final price, but its around the $100k per mark per OS, so essentially $200k for apple and android

is this how much apps really cost? and do all people with a decent idea, invest this much to get their app developed?
seems like a huge risk, unless you can get it done cheap in india or unless you have investors, and is this the only option I have?

thanks in advance everyone

Thats crazy talk mate. It should cost around the 10k mark to get something up and running for presentation.
I mean if you can get your presentation up and running, get your clients interested, possibly agreeing to certain terms, then it would be worth while investing more. Otherwise its no different then throwing cash away