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Damn, $20k – $100k…. I need to get back into app development. I do web design mostly, but at some point just for fun I taught myself app development using Flutter which is pretty cool (Google built it, which explains a lot about why its so fun to use….well, from a developers’ point of view anyway).

I might have to revisit the possibility of offering app development later on down the track and get back into that.

What HenriK said brings up a good point, id be wary of them charging you based on ‘per OS’, that seems like a weird way to price it. I mean unless they are literally developing the app using Java exclusively for Android and Swift for iPhone, I can’t see why they would price it that way.

If you look for someone to do this app, I’d recommend you look for someone who can built it either in Flutter or React Native. Both these solutions means they can program it once for both Android and iOS and that allows them to deploy it to both phones without having to develop the app twice if that makes sense.

I’d also be wary of offering to pay someone who is prepared to accept the job for a cheap price, I’m all for saving money for ones own business but the same can be said getting someone who does a poor job of it, isn’t reliable or knows entirely what they are doing.

You’d want to think of it as an investment, particularly if you are looking at it as a business idea of sorts.