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GlenC, post: 269714, member: 116297 wrote:
What HenriK said brings up a good point, id be wary of them charging you based on ‘per OS’, that seems like a weird way to price it. I mean unless they are literally developing the app using Java exclusively for Android and Swift for iPhone, I can’t see why they would price it that way.
That is exactly what many app dev houses do, build natively for each OS, especially those that work with the larger clients. Even with the many cool tools such as Flutter, it is the best method to build the best performing apps for each OS, also offering the most flexibility. Any of the major entities, their apps will mostly be built natively for each OS.

That’s not to say tools like Flutter aren’t perfectly fine for many purposes, and if that’s sufficient for your needs then identify a developer that does it that way and the budget does come down.