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Progressive Web App (PWA) isn’t the ability to add an icon on someone’s phone, you can do that for any site with a couple of lines of code.

The PWA part if what happens AFTER you click on the icon. At a very high level, it basically caches the website so you can view it in offline mode, and adds a couple of features such as the ability to go fullscreen to “look like” an app, to send push notifications, and a few others (all of which can be done with a normal website mind… ;))

Unfortunately one of the issues with some of the PWA features is that there is not 100% browser support as yet, and hence why it hasn’t gone mainstream just yet. It’s a little like the desktop browsers back in the day with technology such as Javascript and CSS, different browsers are rolling out features at different speeds. So a PWA feature that may work great on Chrome on Android, doesn’t work on Safari on an iPhone.

In addition, depending on the “app like/similar” features you want, a PWA website can cost a lot more than a website. Maybe not as much as some fully features apps, but certainly a lot more than a website providing the same or very similar functionality, in most cases.

For mine, the best way to test an idea is to build a mobile friendly / mobile first website (which is basically what PWA is in simple terms, just with “uber caching” added ;) ). Indeed I’ve had a number of clients come to me wanting an app, but after speaking with them and finding out the actual objectives they had (which should ALWAYS come first, not the tech to use) many of them went the mobile first website route as it was the better option. That will depend on the objective & functionality required, of course.