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Hey Henri, just checking in to see if you found an accountant to look after you?

Thanks, Tim

Henri K, post: 266746, member: 115510 wrote:
I’ve decided to go abroad for a while, and i’m looking for an accountant that can handle the following:

1. The company’s product is a software that has been free to use for several years, but is transitioning to commercial. The revenue will come worldwide, with associated GST/VAT/etc tax hurdles of all the different countries.

2. The company does not have employees (and i don’t pay myself salary), but will contract and outsource services, again worldwide with associated international hurdles.

3. The other expenses will be usual digital nomading stuff: flights, hotels, airbnb. Previous experience getting these claimed with ATO would be good.

4. As there has been no income or expenses, accounting hasn’t been set up, and selecting and setting up accounting software (of your preference) would be first thing to do.

5. Nice: During my time abroad i’ll need address for the company’s official ATO/ASIC/etc mails and for (very rare) personal mails, with option to scan or forward. Not a must, but would be nice.

6. Not Required: I’ve been entrepreneur for 21 years and won’t be wasting your time with basic questions or non-accounting business advisory stuff.

If you are accountant that matches with many/most of the above, or can recommended one, please reply or send direct message.