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Te77Za, post: 268131, member: 116703 wrote:
I have been running a small web design agency in Sydney for years now – it is my passion and I regularly take on the smaller clients in my local district who have big plans but possibly a smaller budget.
So the plan with these clients is to start out small and grow the website over months if not years.

I offer a customised service I refer to as a Website Maintenance Package. This has become the single most popular service that I offer.
It basically means that for a regular monthly fee, I maintain and grow the clients website.
I have clients who have been on this package for over 5 years. Their industry is ever-changing and they have to keep up with it. So I am there, in the background ready to make any updates or changes as needed. The website is never finished.

Being in Sydney there’s always plenty of clients to choose from in my line of work but what I enjoy the most about the smaller clients is the passion they also show for the development project.
The bigger projects can be great too, but some big business owners can be a little cold and usually quite black and white.

I have recently joined Flying Solo ready to offer free advice to anyone who needs it so if you have any specific questions feel free to contact me.


Hi Terry,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll look into it more in the new year as life is too hectic at the moment .
Do you have a website I can check out? I recommend you put it in your signature so you’re easy to find.

Merry Christmas everyone!