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James Millar
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Might be worth you running the business readiness tool again being mindful of objectivity whens scoring yourself. We’ve had some relatively experienced business people score themselves around the 60 mark for new / proposed ventures and they have their own money saved for the venture and they have all had several years experience (in both business and the domain of the proposed business).

Using the tool. If you are the only investor / founder then automatically the highest score you should get is 91 out of 100. If you have little to no money then your max possible score drops to about 81. If you have limited accounting and legal capabilities your max score would be closer to 60 – that’s assuming your score very highest possible on all other questions. Someone straight out of school scoring themselves the highest possible on all applicable metrics in a tool like this – might need rethink if you feel that you scored 60 when using the tool.

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