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I placed an order for 3 items over a week ago on a Tuesday. I was told I could either have 2 of them by Thursday, or wait a week and all 3 could be delivered as they were out of stock of the third item.

I decided to wait the week so I could receive all 3 items together.

Order was received yesterday with only 2 items. Am told the third item is out of stock again. Never received any sort of notification, or even an idea of when/where/how I can get the third item.

This company spends a lot advertising their products/services, both online and off. But when it comes to the crunch, how does this affect their brand?

Wheras before I was happy with them, now I am looking for a new supplier. Sadly, not because I think someone else will be better, is just so that I have options.

With more and more selling the benefits of digital, have we lost the art of actually “doing”?