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Aileen Lam, post: 267726, member: 101766 wrote:
I know what the RRP is from my stockist, but I’m unsure if I should reveal my current wholesale price, as this would then set the starting price for negotiations. Should I then just tell them the RRP and set my distribution price, and let them establish their own wholesale price? Also, I take it the distributor could always go to any of my stockists and ask them what the wholesale price is, although I would like to think that my stockist would say that it’s none of their business.

I would avoid giving them too much information as that would weaken your position in terms of negotiating.

Disclaimer – I’m no expert on beverages, manufacturing or distribution and this is just my personal opinion.

Approach a few smaller manufacturers and find out if they will do smaller batches for you seeing as you’re relatively small scale. Ask them what it would cost to make X amount of bottles based on your specifications.

That would be my starting point. If the numbers are viable then re-evaluate your options.

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