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three brains
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The previous answers seem very good on the financial side of the purchase. Nothing I can add there.

I can only add a couple of thoughts on the ‘digital’ side since you mention both website and social accounts. I’ve just gone through setting up some e-commerce functionality on my site and here’s a couple of the areas I had to make sure were up an running to run the site properly.

* Access to the site’s Google Analytics data to see historic traffic and onsite behaviours.
* Details on any licenses and subscriptions to run the website e.g. the URL will usually require renewal, there will likely be monthly server hosting fees, if using something like Shopify, there’s usually a monthly payment to them etc.
* Details of any other website plug-ins or other software (e.g. an email program like Mailchimp) that can come with license and renewal fees
* Handover notes or contact details on how to deal with any technical support issues which may have come up before? e.g. what if the site goes down or gets hacked, who looks after those sort of issues?
* Access to any of the data or details on the social accounts – e.g. any history / tracking on campaigns which were previously run.

Good luck