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BusinessTrade, post: 267841, member: 113709 wrote:
Can you import them direct from China?

Why did they stop selling to you? It seems counter intuitive that they’d opt to lose money no reason.

I know right? When I opened the shop after 2 years in the repair side of the industry, I didn’t receive a single rep call or anyone try to sell their products to me. I had to keep chasing reps to get them to sell stuff to me.

The industry is shrinking, old school players who never embraced ecommerce or modern business practices rely on their pre existing relationships with suppliers to protect them.

In their eyes, the threat of losing an existing account to a new one isn’t worth the risk. Both retailers did that to the suppliers to get them to stop selling products to me. Products I already had access to. Products I was already selling.

So yeah, the music instrument industry is extremely political, old school and headed for some kind of collapse when new blood can’t enter the market.