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Spiffy Brian, post: 267871, member: 5993 wrote:
Your best option is to use an ecommerce service like Spiffy Stores, which is actually built for the Australian market. It includes options to link up directly to Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks and all your sales data is exported directly with income and GST being posted to the correct accounts.

When you use a “free” option like Wix, then don’t expect too much support for things like this. It all boils down to whether the cost of your time is worth more than the cost of the software if the free option means you have to do everything manually. For most businesses, there’s no real argument about getting the software that actually does the job for you.

I just had a look at Spiffy Stores. Do you know if I am able to integrate Quickbooks for free, or would I need to subscribe to Zapier to enable the integration?

And on the basic plan, does it allow me to integrate fulfillment services such as ReadyToShip, Sendle, Shippo, etc ?

Thank you.